Excuses, excuses, excuses

So this was not a great week for my project.  Granted, part of that reason was because we went to Kansas City for a few days, but still.  I made pretty much no effort to eat well while we were there (although we did spend Monday walking all over Worlds of Fun, so there was some exercise).  When we got back, I procrastinated going to the grocery store, and thus didn’t eat well after we came home either.  I was pretty good yesterday, and even got on the exercise bike for a while, but there are other things around the house I put off.  And I didn’t even write anything to do on my calendar.  I’m going to make a concerted effort this weekend to plan for the coming week and make sure I stick to it.  Let’s see how well that goes.  🙂

As for as the KC visit itself, we had a really good time.  We took in a Royals game – they beat Detroit 7-2 – and, as noted above, spent a day at Worlds of Fun.  I hadn’t been to see the Royals or gone to WoF since I was in college in the mid-’90s.  The stadium has seen some major updating since my last visit.  We had pretty decent seats, and there were a lot of good plays during the game.  Plus, we weren’t sitting around assholes, which always makes attending a game more enjoyable.

Both Indie Boy and I were very disappointed that Worlds of Fun no longer has the Orient Express – apparently, they got rid of it several years ago, but since neither of us had been there for more than a decade, we didn’t realize.  It was always a favorite coaster.  Of course, they did have a few new coasters since my last visit – both the Prowler and the Mamba were impressive.  We didn’t go on all of them – Indie Boy has an inner ear thing, so wouldn’t go on the Spinning Dragon, which is a roller coaster in which the car itself spins in a circle while traveling on the track, and when I tried the sample seat for the Patriot they had at the entrance, well, let’s just say that my fat ass was more than a little uncomfortable.  Dammit.  The IB’s ear also meant that we couldn’t go on anything that spins – including the swings that go around, the Octopus, the Sizzler (if that’s what it’s called at WoF) – and his motion sickness meant there had to be plenty of down time between coasters, plus he wouldn’t go on the Fury of the Nile because we’d get wet.  So we probably didn’t do as much riding as we could have.  (Note to self: next time, bring more people.)  However, it did give us time to have a caricature done:

I think the artist did a pretty sweet job; he was very friendly, and indicated that he was an art student.  We told him to just be creative with what the bodies were doing, which apparently flummoxed him at first because most people have a pretty specific idea of what they want in the picture.  He just asked us what we liked, and when we said bowling, came up with this.  We were very happy with it.  Now I just have to find a frame, because it’s an odd size.  I mean, I could have bought an outrageously priced frame there, but figured I could find something more reasonable on my own.

While there, we also caught their British Invasion show, which was basically six teenagers in gaudy outfits performing songs by The Beatles, The Who, Elton John, The Rolling Stones, and even The Spice Girls (well, they’re British, and they invaded, just slightly later than those other guys).  (Although, come to think of it, the show included “These Boots Are Made For Walkin'” and last time I checked, Nancy Sinatra wasn’t British.  Hmm.)  It was entertaining in a Glee sort of way, although I’m pretty sure John Lennon would have been appalled at seeing a square-jawed all-American boy wearing pants in the design of the Union Jack (but only on the front!) singing “Revolution.”

Well, that was my week, so I better go.  Are you ready boots?  Start walkin’!


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  1. HI you two! I just noticed that one of the bowling pins has a goatee just like Indy boy does! Sounds like you two had a blast and maybe London can cat sit while tag along with you next time. Though I am only good for a few rides then need to sit out for a bit too. So I will hang out with Indy boy while you and Chris go on the rides.

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