Updates and randomness

So some of you out there may be wondering how everything is going with my new project.  Not too bad, so far.  On Sunday, I did set myself tasks for the whole week, I made a meal plan (although it’s a little off-track due to going to a baseball game on Tuesday and the fact that Monday’s meal made way, way, way more than anticipated – serves two my ass, if you have to bake it in a 9×13 pan, it feeds sufficiently more than two), and I got some things accomplished.  Of the nine tasks I set for myself for Sunday through Wednesday of this week, I have accomplished six – not perfect, but not too shabby either.  I also had a doctor’s appointment on Wednesday, and although there hadn’t been much progress weight-wise since my last visit, she was still very encouraging, and felt that I was developing good plans and that I was owning what I was doing, rather than placing blame elsewhere.  So here’s hoping I can continue getting my shit together.

In other updates, I have managed to, once again, stupidly injure myself.  One of the cats had thrown up in the basement (I know, gross – you wouldn’t believe how much cat puke is spewed around the house in a single day; I’m starting to wonder if they digest anything).  This particular puke pile happened to be near my old computer desk, which we still need to lug upstairs and either throw out or donate.  The back of the desk is facing out.  It is a corner desk, with a low shelf to house the computer tower.  Anyway, when getting down on the floor to clean up the mess, I first went down on one leg, then sat back.  While there was certainly space between me and the desk, I somehow forgot to account for the fact that the PC shelf is longer and sticks out the back.  I sat right into it, gouging my side, which is now sporting a bit of a bruise.  Honestly, you would think I’m uncoordinated or something.

And finally, yesterday I was reminded once again that I buy entirely to many CDs, a realization I first voiced way back in my very first month of blogging, November 2005.  You see, yesterday I visited Homer’s, a local record store.  Homer’s has a great program, where for every $100 you spend (on non-sale items), you can receive a voucher for $12 off.  So I found a few CDs to buy yesterday, and went to the counter, handing over my Musicard (since I’m old school enough to have an actual card – they don’t give them out anymore, and just look people up in the computer by name).  The clerk scanned the card, looked at the screen, and exclaimed “Oh!  I finally get to meet you!”  I found this slightly puzzling.  She then explained that she’s the one in charge of the program and of sending out the certificates, and she had seen my name show up.  A lot.  She apparently even asked someone if I was an actual person, and they assured her that I was and that I really bought that much music.  All I can say is, don’t blame me if the economy sucks, I’m doing my part, dammit!


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