More conversations with Indie Boy

(Scene:  This afternoon on the way home.)

Indie Boy:  So, is there anywhere else we need to go before we head home?

Me:  I think we need ice cream.

IB:  Ice cream sounds good.  Where shall we go?

Me:  Well, Dairy Queen is probably the most convenient option to where we are.

IB:  That sounds yummy.  I haven’t been to Dairy Queen since, well, last time we were there, like a year ago.


Me:  Wait, didn’t you tell me that you went there earlier this week?

IB:  Well, yeah, but not for ice cream.  I got a shake.

Me:  Um, pretty sure there’s ice cream in shakes.

IB:  Right, but, well…it’s different.  (pause)  Stop using facts and logic on me!


1 Comment

  1. I agree with Indie Boy. Shake =/= ice cream.

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