Fatty boombalatti

Let me introduce myself.  I’m the fat friend.  I’ve never been a skinny girl, but the last couple of stress-filled years have certainly taken their toll.  I don’t really write about it much on here because, well, I amazingly have other things to talk about.  (The gall!  A fat girl having a life.)  But sometimes I just get fucking pissed at the hate and discrimination.  Ohh, it’s all my fault, and I should be ashamed, and if only I just exercised more, blah, blah, blah.  I’m not denying that eating right and exercising are important, but even in high school – when I was on drill team, took multiple dance classes, worked a restaurant job that kept me on my feet, and was not remotely out of shape – I was not a small girl.  And I get tired of some people thinking that you’re not a person if you’re above X number of pounds, pant size, whatever.

Case in point, you may have heard about Kevin Smith getting booted off of a Southwest Airlines flight a couple of weeks back for being too fat – even though he met the parameters of the airlines policy, and could lower both arms of the seat rest and buckle his belt without an extender.  But hey, no one likes to sit next to fatty, so it was totes justifiable!  I don’t particularly like sitting by the guy who splays his legs out or the gal who immediately puts her seat back and encroaches on my leg space the entire trip or the family that brings a screaming toddler aboard, but I don’t see anyone trying to boot them off.  But what was really disheartening was following a link to Southwest’s “apologies” and reading the comment board.  While plenty were disgusted with Southwest’s inconsistent and arbitrary enforcement of their “hey, fat-ass” policy, just as many were like, “Go Southwest!  We hate fatties!”  And then I read this:

The sad thing here is that we have to put up with these people. Good job Southwest you have declared open season on the people that take up way too much space. They need to just stay home till they have shed the pounds and can join the human race

Wow.  So sorry you have to “put up” with me.  I’ll just hide in my basement, starving myself until I am an emaciated shell of a person who can no longer function in society due to my lack of human contact – but hey, I’ll be skinny, so it’s cool!  Then I can “join the human race” by hanging out with people who judge me completely on what size I wear and not on trivial things like my personality, my actions, my ethics, etc.  Oh, wait, are fat people allowed to have personalities?  I forget.


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  1. Hey! Don’t you dare take all the credit for being “the fat friend.” I believe *I* have ample fat, and ample right, to share that spotlight (and that caramel turtle cheesecake… you know, if you’re not gonna finish it… :). True, I am trying to shed a few pounds, but mostly for health purposes (high blood pressure) and only over the long term. The simple truth, which all the (usually very bad) writers who exploit the obesity “epidemic” don’t want to hear, is that reaping the well-known mental and physical benefits of being active is a worthwhile endeavor by itself, and has–shock!!!–no proven nexus to body weight. The article presented the Commie idea that big people are able be a) happy, and b) active. Any shed pounds (c) are an incidental bonus, but not the point, of enjoying activities. Wow. Not the kind of nutrition news that judgmental asshats like the one who wrote that comment, or the Cult of Thin media culture, or the “Lite” food industry want people to hear. I do have to report one disparity, though: larger women tend to live longer, and look better (IMO) than large men. No fair. xD

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