All hail the new regime!!

So, remember a few weeks back when I documented the first blizzard of this winter, and may have spent a tiny paragraph bitching about the administration at our office who steadfastly refused to close the building despite the blizzard warning and the fact that every other federal agency in the area closed down?  Well, our director* retired effective December 31.  And here we are, three days into the work week under the new director, and lo!  There is a winter weather advisory, and a lot of snow coming down, and generally unfavorable conditions.  And the new director – wait for it – closed the building this afternoon!  I know!!  Apparently, she doesn’t want to continue the ridiculous, bull-headed, and downright dangerous policy of making people come in to work when weather conditions are extremely bad. I am all kinds of happy.

I’m sure that, with the weather as it is today, Indie Boy will end staying in Omaha tonight, rather than have to drive back and forth for work.  Which sucks.  But as long as he actually calls and lets me know, well, I won’t have to kill him.

See, on Monday of this week, I had stayed home because a) I wasn’t feeling well and b) the furnace was acting up and I had to stay home for a repairman anyway.  I was still feeling yucky in the evening, and ended up going to bed before 9:30.  Considering that I regularly stay up to 11 or 12, that’s pretty early for me.  Anyway, shortly before I went to bed, the IB called to let me know that he was finally off work and heading home.  He was just going to stop for gas and grab some food, then would be heading to Lincoln.  I’m like, coolio, I’ll probably be in bed.

So then, around 2 a.m., I woke up out of a weird, weird dream (it somehow involved The Breeders and a never-ending department store, along with other stuff that’s kind of fuzzy now) and realized that I was still alone in bed.  Since this was five hours after Indie Boy told me that he was on his way home – and believe me, the drive between Lincoln and Omaha is not five hours – I was a little worried.  So I called him, but just got his voicemail.  So I get up, check the answering machine, check my cell’s voicemail.  Nothing.  A half-hour later, I try calling again.  And an hour later.  And so on.  Naturally, I am freaking the hell out, imaging the worst case scenario.  Is he lying in a snowbank?  In the hospital?  Dead?  Did he get pulled over by a cop who wasn’t amused by his unpaid speeding ticket and hauled him into jail?  (Don’t worry, he paid it last night.)  My mind was just boiling over with bad scenarios, and what if this happened, and what if that happened.  I couldn’t get back to sleep.  At least, not until around 6:30, when my alarm was going off.  Even then, I would just drop into brief sleeps between hitting the snooze, and have intense, horrific, claustrophobic dreams involving my missing Indie Boy.

I try his cell phone one more time around 7, and started leaving a message saying that if I didn’t hear from him by 8, I was going to call his parents to see if they had heard anything and start calling hospitals.  As I’m in the middle of leaving this message, my call waiting beeps, and I see that it’s him.  Apparently, after getting gas, he noted that a) the roads were slick and b) he was getting tired, so he c) decided to stop at a hotel.  While this is sound thinking – driving on slick roads when not really alert is a bad idea – it didn’t occur to him that I may want to know this information, since I thought he was on his way home.  I literally burst into tears when I realized that he was okay, and couldn’t stop crying for the duration of the call.  He was all “I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry, I’m an ass, etc.”  (As he should have been.)  Still, I’m more than a little miffed that he didn’t think to call me.  Especially since we’ve talked about this before.  *sigh*  My girlfriends all seem to agree that this definitely deserves flowers and/or some other kind of begging, but I’m not necessarily seeing that coming.  I mean, I have yet to get a birthday or Christmas gift this year, so I’m not exactly holding my breath.  But, you know, it would still be nice.  *hint, hint*  And if this happens again?  Well, heads may very well roll.

*God, and did I mention that after everyone was grumbling about the fact that we were the sole federal agency still open on these days, and some people basically having to lose part of their Christmas vacation because they had to burn leave due to the weather, he had the gall to send out a condescending email proclaiming that our mission was too vital to close, and that if we would totally close the weather was bad enough that only emergency vehicles were allowed on the road.  Never mind that, if our mission was so vital, they wouldn’t have a “liberal leave” policy on bad weather days, and that we have very little work that is actually time sensitive.  Also never mind that every newscast I saw said to not go anywhere unless absolutely necessary.  Wanker.


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  1. Eek! I knew this day would come, when you found out that Indie Boy and I snuck off to Iowa to be married! It’s okay though, we only did it for tax purposes, and we had the union annulled by a priest (well, a Catholic priest refused, so we asked Rush Limbaugh and he did it for some chili cheese fries and Hydrocodone pills. It’s all good).

    *gasp* “Wanker!??” You called our last director that, here on The Internets, after all the things he didn’t do for us? I would be filled with shame, but apparently I don’t have any. I think they have test kits you can buy at Walgreens to be sure. xD

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