So, I haven’t been feeling the whole A to Z project much the past few weeks, and now I see that Yahoo360 will be kaput as of July, and I went over to the “profile” replacement (which there isn’t even a link for on the Yahoo home page, but whatever), and I’m not sure what to think (even though it’s been all of 10 minutes or whatever), and, and, and…I’m taking a short break. Theoretically, I will resume with the A to Z thing in a couple of weeks (on profiles – which is, and I’m not sure that anyone who isn’t actually logged into Yahoo can access the blog, but maybe they can, I don’t know), but I just need a little time away. Theoretically, I can move my blog to like wordpress or something of the like in lieu of Profiles, but I don’t know if I want to do that or not. This is not a decision for tonight. But just giving you a (rambley and disjointed) heads up that posting will be slow for a week or two or three or, you know, whatever.


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