A to Z and Back Again Week 20: the The


the The is a band that I had heard about but not really had any interest in until they opened for Depeche Mode on the fall ’93 leg of their Devotional tour. In concert, the The was very captivating, and one of the better opening acts chosen by DM (I have to say that I am not really looking forward to Peter, Bjorn, and John on this year’s tour). After that, I occasionally picked up a CD here and a CD there. I sought out this disc, Infected, due to Neneh Cherry‘s vocal contribution to “Slow Train to Dawn.”

While I really enjoy the Neneh track, as well as the following song “Twilight of a Champion,” overall, this is not the best release from the The (personally, I prefer Dusk). Many of the songs sound dated, and while not horrible, are not exactly begging for repeat listens either. (Man, I feel like I’m repeating last week’s Setzer breakdown – not bad, but not the artist at their best).

I apologize for this lackluster recap; hopefully next week’s selection will inspire a little more verbosity. (Although, it will likely be late, since I’m heading out of town for Memorial Day weekend – without Indie Boy since he has to work. Stupid job.)


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