A to Z and Back Again Week 5: Erasure


When thinking about Erasure (which, you know, I don’t do on a daily basis or anything, although I have been slightly obsessed with “A Little Respect” over this past month), I tend to think, “Yeah, they’re catchy and they’ve got some decent songs, but they’re best in limited doses and are way better single artists than album artists.” Well, I may not think that exact run-on sentence, but that’s basically my feelings for them. I was much more into Vince Clark’s first band, Depeche Mode (who, joy, have a new album coming out this year), but mainly their work after he left. (I mean, seriously, “Speak and Spell” is brutal to listen to. P-R-E-double T-Y? I think not.) So imagine my surprise when I dusted off “Chorus” and realized that, not only has it held up well over the past 18 years, it’s actually a good album as a whole. Yes, yes, the singles are the standouts – “Love to Hate You” is enjoyable to sing along to, and the title track is just a glorious masterwork – but the rest of the album isn’t lagging too far behind. It certainly isn’t the “filler” that I was remembering in my head. In addition to the two songs mentioned above, repeat listenings now show that “Breath of Life” and album closer “Home” are just as blissful. In fact, there wasn’t a single track on this album I wanted to get rid of or skip over. Perhaps I’ll have to start digging through their back catalog again.


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