Two things that made me laugh today

In an amazing feat, I actually managed to crawl out of bed early enough to eat breakfast at home this morning before leaving for work. I know, I know, we’re all impressed. When I am able to eat breakfast at home (rather than grabbing a package of donuts out of the vending machine at work), I generally watch a little TV. Not that there’s much on at 7:30 in the morning, but I usually find something to entertain me. Recently, that something had been reruns of “Night Court” on TV Land. But this morning I discovered that “Night Court” had been replaced by an infomercial. Bastards. Flipping through the guide, I saw that TV was pretty horrible, but AMC had just started showing “The Usual Suspects,” so I thought I’d watch a little of that before taking off for work.

It was the beginning of the movie, so I got to watch the lineup scene. (As in a police lineup, for those of you who haven’t seen it – and if you haven’t, for shame!) But the great thing was, since this was AMC, it was censored, but censored in the right way. How can censorship be right, you ask? When they actually try to replace foul language with other completely random and often hilarious non-swear words rather than simply bleeping them or just having silence instead. Which meant that, instead of the five main actors repeating the line, “Hand me the keys, you fucking cocksucker,” they said, “Hand me the keys, you fairy godmother.” Comedy gold, people. Comedy. Gold. (Seriously – the edited for TV version of “The Breakfast Club” cracks me right up. And don’t even get me started about watching the edited version of “Porky’s” on USA – I don’t think my dad ever understood why I was laughing so hard about the female coach saying that she could identify the “tongue” of the boy who stuck it through a hole in the shower wall by virtue of a mole.)

To bookend my workday, on the way home I flipped on The Big O radio station, which specializes in “classic pop.” I came in at the very end of Michael Penn’s “No Myth” (which actually bummed me out, because I like that song and I only got to hear the last 5 seconds), and the next song coming up was Lindsey Buckingham’s “Go Insane” (another song I actually like – I think I may even have it on vinyl). The DJ came on to introduce the song, giving a little bit of info about Lindsey, particularly regarding the fact that Lindsey released “Go Insane” as a solo record while on a hiatus from Fleetwood Mac. However, the DJ was somehow under the mistaken impression that Lindsey is a girl, as he repeatedly referred to Lindsey as “she.” I know that Lindsey is often a girl’s name (and, for that matter, Lindsey’s former music- and intimate partner, the very-much female Stevie Nicks, has a bit of a boy’s name going on), but come on. He’s not exactly obscure. How can you be a DJ on a classic pop radio station, and not know that Lindsey Buckingham was one of the male members of Fleetwood Mac?

Oh, wait, it’s probably because the type of people who actually succeed as DJs aren’t necessarily very smart about music. When I was DJ in college, the program manager (i.e. the guy in charge of the music) didn’t realize that Guns N’ Roses’ “Live and Let Die” was a cover. (Really, you’d never heard Sir Paul’s James Bond theme? Really????) It’s probably good that I didn’t continue down that career path, because I would have either strangled my superiors for being completely ignorant, or snapped when I was forced to play some Britney Spears song for the 200th time.


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