A to Z and Back Again Week 1: Ananda Project


Happy New Year! Did everyone ring in the year in style? I was over at a friend’s drinking Tequila Rose and inexplicably winning a game of trivial pursuit (seriously, everyone else had at least two wedges before I managed to get my first, and my win came from getting two sports questions right in a row – and I suck at sports trivia!). I may or may not get around to doing a Best of ’08 music list. But I will get around to my new blog project for the year. Which is, randomly (through an actual random number generator) choose one CD from my collection each week to discuss. I will go through alphabetically (i.e. start with an “A” CD this week, “B” next week, etc.), then when I hit “Z” I’ll turn around and go in reverse. Which is exactly 52 weeks, or a whole year’s worth. Look at me doing math. The randomly chosen disc this week? “Morning Light” by Ananda Project.

I really hadn’t listened to this album more than once or twice since I got it back in 2003. I had gotten their previous album “Release,” and apparently liked it enough to pick this one up as well. After listening to it several times yesterday and today, I can understand why I haven’t dug this out more often. Not that it’s bad. It’s perfectly serviceable house-y, R&B tinged chill-out music. It’s just pretty pedestrian. Very repetitive, not much going on. And considering that more than half of the songs hit the six-minute mark, repetitive quickly becomes boring and tedious. In fact, one song (which is reprised later) felt so long that I thought I had actually missed 2009, and that it was now 2010. I suppose this would be fine as background music while cleaning or out chatting with friends at a bar (or even playing poker at Jesse’s house, since he tends to favor house music); it’s not distracting or horribly awful if you’re not actually paying much attention to it. It’s just not something I’ll bother putting in my CD player when I want to actually listen to and enjoy some good music. Call me a snob. I don’t care.

Hmmm…hopefully next week I’ll get an album I’m a little more excited about.


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