It’s not the size, it’s what you do with it

So, I have this cat, Damian. He’s 20 pounds of medium-length fur, which of course extends to his tail. A couple of months ago, while petting him, I ran my hand all the way up to the tip of his tail, and noticed that, underneath the pretty fur on the outside, the tip of it appeared to be pretty matted and felt strange. His fur has been known to clump in the past, so I didn’t think too much of it. Then, a couple of weeks ago, it was time to take him into the vet for his shots. A couple of days prior to the appointment, I looked at the time of his tail, and realized the matted fur was gone….along with the skin. It was just the tip of the tail (maybe a half-inch or so), but still. The bone was showing, and looked very odd – it was almost like a brown and black calico print. So I showed it to the vet, who determined that it was dead bone. We could have just left it alone, but there would have been a possibility of infection with the skin directly next to the dead bone. So we had to chop it off. Yikes!

Of course, they didn’t take off the whole tail or anything, just a couple of inches from where the dead bone was, but still. The poor boy had to wear a silly blue collar for over a week, and take twice daily antibiodics for seven days (which was a joy, let me tell you – had to wrap him in a blanket just to make him manageable to deal with). And it hadn’t occurred to me that, duh, they would have to shave his tail for the surgery, so he’s got fur on the bottom half of his tail, but the top have is bare. It looks oh, so sad. And silly. Very, very silly.

Oh, and in other animal related news, Indie Boy hit a deer on the way home from work last week. The good news is that he was on a ramp coming off the interstate, so wasn’t going too fast, so he wasn’t hurt, and the car wasn’t damaged too badly. Unfortunately, the deer ran off – I mean, I’m all for animals not dying and everything, but you know it had broken ribs or other injuries, and is just going to suffer in pain rather than going rather quickly. And I am very anti-suffering. Well, except when it comes to those of you who actually read this blog. I mean, I update sporadically, and my posts have not been nearly as fun as they were, say, a couple of years back. So sorry. I’ll try to be better. Promise.

On a related note, I have a delightful bridge for sale, if anyone is interested.


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