Weird obsessions

So, I’ve been a little bad about eating fast food lately, and have gone through the Burger King drive through a couple of times in the past few weeks. Once you’ve placed your order and are waiting for your turn at the window, you’re sitting by the side of the building, where they have a giant banner for whatever special is going on at the moment. I’ve noticed that, in the corner, it even says that it’s the drive through banner and lists the dates it should be posted. Which somehow got me to thinking, what do they do with these banners when they’re done? Do they just throw them away? Do they return them to the head office? Do they get recycled into new banners? If I get up to the window and say, “Hey, can I put my name in for that banner?” will they give it to me once it’s past it’s pin-up date? I’ve gotten slightly obsessed with obtaining one of these banners….to do what with, I don’t know. Maybe I could get several and wallpaper a room. It can be my room of clogged artery goodness.

Speaking of rooms, last night I proposed that we have a designated farting room in the house. How did this come about, you may ask? Well, Indie Boy let it rip in the kitchen, and when I gave him crap (ha ha) about it, he pointed out that I had just previously taken a wicked shit. (Wow, this is kind of getting into TMI territory, isn’t it? Ah, fuck it.) I noted that at least I had a designated area in which to take said shit, whereas he was just farting wherever. Which is when the whole “fart room” concept came up. I mean, I already have a music room. Why not a fart room? When new guests come over, I can guide them to the room and say, “If you need to pass some gas, do it here!” That would totally make people want to hang out here. Right? Right?

Right. So, um, yeah, I got nothing else. Aren’t you glad I poked my head out of the sand for this post?


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