Do I see a new career in my future?

So, last night I dreamt that I was a stripper in a very shabby bar (and weirdly, I went into work one night, and my brother in law was the bartender). It was just a part-time thing, but I found myself there more and more, and then some foreign big-wig criminal underworld type guys came in, and they wanted only me to strip, because the other girls were too skinny, which upset the Barbie-blonde girls there. It was all very strange and surreal. My cat Damian kept biting my hand (because he was starving, you know) and momentarily wake me up, but then I’d fall right back into the stripper dream. Odd.

Other than strange dreams, things have been going well. Indie Boy is now working two jobs, which is occasionally exhausting (he went 42 hours without sleep a couple of weeks ago) and means that I only get to spend time with him on the weekends (when he is primarily trying to catch up on sleep), but I think he’s happy to be employed again, so it’s not that bad. I’m hoping to reinstate my exercise program in the evenings again since he won’t be around, but I haven’t managed to do that yet, though I really need to. My whole body has just gotten out of hand, and it’s depressing to me. I wrote up a plan and some goals, but somehow have managed to completely ignore it. *sigh* Go figure.

I suppose I should add a line to my plan to update my blog more than once a month, eh?


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