So much to say, no good title to sum it all up

In trying to determine the best way to discuss the myriad peaks in my life during that past month and a half, I have decided to go with numerals! Also, I will not be proofreading this at all, so please ignore any typos or other errors.

1) It was the second day of June, and I had just found about the miscarriage. Even though the D&E wasn’t scheduled until Friday, I just took the week off of work because, well, I would have been pretty useless (especially as I was supposed to be giving training. Yeah, I would have been a joy.). However, Indie Boy and I already had tickets to see Modest Mouse that Wednesday, and we decided to go ahead and go to the concert, which would at least be a nice distraction (although we did have to pass on our roller derby tickets on Friday). The show was in an outdoor amphitheater outside of Council Bluffs which I had never been to before. There was a paved section in front of the stage surrounded by lawn, which was fine. There was a very odd conglomeration of people – you had your omnipresent emo kids alongside frat boys, middle aged guys, and an unprecedented number of hippies. I mean, I know the Grateful Dead and Phish aren’t really around anymore, but why did they all focus on Modest Mouse?? Really no similarity.

The opening act was the Dirty Dozen Brass Band, who I was already a fan of. Their set was really fun, although it was cut short. Because this was a week of thunderstorms, and since there was lightning around, the management cut them short. Not that I can blame them – brass band + lightning = bad, bad news. It wasn’t actually raining yet, so I headed up the slope to check out the merchandise stand. I noticed on the way up that the hill to the side where these tables were located was rather steep and the grass already a little slick, so when going back down to the main level, I was sure to place my feet carefully. Of course, it was all for naught, as my foot slid out from under me and I landed hard on my hip, funnel cake flying through the air before landing, powdered sugar side down (of course). (But if you think I didn’t brush it off and eat it – with IB’s help – you are sorely, sorely mistaken. And it tasted awesome!). I’m still surprised I didn’t have a bruise, because I landed really hard.

So, after making it back down to the IB, the waiting began. There was tons o’ lightning around, and promises of more, and eventually the rain started in, so they kept delaying the show. We managed to get under the sound guy’s tent when the rain started in earnest, but it was a little too late – I was already soaked. Plus, the top of the tent was collecting water, rather than it just running off, so they cut slits into it around the edges, and my calves got even further soaked. At one point they started taking the tarps off of the equipment on stage, but the rain picked up immediately, and everything was covered up again. After about two hours, four percussionists came out and played for about ten minutes (because the drums were near the back of the stage). But then they left, and we were pretty sure that the show was going to be over. However, there was a really, really devoted group of fans that stayed at the front of the stage the entire time, just staying in the rain and getting thoroughly soaked. They alternated chanted “Modest Mouse” and “Rain or Shine” (a promise made on the ticket – although, as I told the IB, the ticket didn’t say “Lightning Storm or Shine”). Apparently their persistence inspired the band, who finally appeared around 10:30. They only played for a little over an hour, but considering that the storm picked up again (I would go so far as to say that the lightning was actually worse during their set than it had been when the called off the Dirty Dozen’s set earlier), but they were completely worth the wait. They put on a hell of a show for the devoted who didn’t take off when the weather got bad.

Due to the crappy weather conditions, I let the IB drive home, and I was freezing my ass off in the car. While he was starting to dry out, my denim shorts were really holding in the water and I couldn’t get dry. So once we got past Omaha I just stripped down to my bra and undies to dry off and warm up, with strict instructions for the IB to not speed or get into an accident, lest I have to explain myself.

2) The next week, I was starting to go a little stir crazy. I mean, yes, I had gone back to work, but I think I just spent so much time in the house that driving home was getting difficult for me. And maybe I thought that I could get away from my head if I wasn’t there (which, of course, was wrong, but whatever). So I booked us a hotel in KC for the weekend. I took off work early on Friday, and we drove down. The trip was interesting, because we were coming on the end of the heavy rains that were flooding parts of Iowa and other areas in the midwest. Driving down Highway 2, we were just about to our I-29 turnoff, and the road was down to one lane. Because the other land was underwater. Fields on either side were totally flooded, and would have been mistaken for lakes if it weren’t for the trees poking out of the top. I honestly had never personally witnessed anything like it in my life.

Once we got to KC that night, we just chilled for a while before wandering around the Westport area looking for something to eat. Many of the places that looked good were overflowing with frat rats and barflies, so we just kept walking before settling what appeared to a hole-in-the-wall Mexican restaurant. By the time we finally made a choice, the bad part of my head had taken over, and I was Mopey McMopingston (which was not helped by the lacklaster food). I ended up taking a bath, and crying, and just wondering why I even bothered. Then the IB and I decided to watch “Flight of the Conchords,” since we don’t have HBO at home. Can somebody please tell me why this is popular? I had seen a couple of YouTube videos of them posted on blogs, and I hadn’t been impressed, but I just figured, hey, maybe it’s out of context. No, they’re just not funny. As an idea they seem like something I should enjoy, but no. The IB was puzzled as well.

The next day was all sorts of fun-filled and exciting. First, we got up and wandered around the City Market. It’s a lot of fun, especially on Saturdays, and we came away with some cinnamon bread, some extremely awesome cookies, fudge, cheap as hell peppers, and lavender soap, and I had the best sweet corn on the cob in the world for lunch. We then went to Union Station to catch the Bodies Revealed exhibit. It was very interesting to walk through, especially the brightly colored arterial systems (which, of course, are not pictured at all on the site – just imagine all of the arteries in your entire arm, strip away all of the flesh, bone, muscle, etc., and color them bright red), although we skipped the part comprised of fetuses (hell, just seeing the sign warning you about it made me want to cry). Sadly, one of my favorite parts of Union Station itself was the fact that the giftshop carried a selection of the Giant Microbes. I had seen them in a magazine and bookmarked a website (even thinking, months in advance, of surprising the IB with one for his birthday, which would have been a lot more fun had he not ever seen them before), so was excited to find them. I got Mono, in case you were wondering (but oh, if they had carried the Flesh Eating Disease, I totally would have gotten that too – well, just about anything from the “Calamities” section, but flesh eating especially). However, after this, things got weird.

See, we decided to leave, as one is wont to do once finishing touring through a museum. So, we’re walking to the car, not
paying much attention, and as I open the passenger door, IB says, “Hey, were the windows down when we went in?” (Side note, we took my car, but I let the IB drive since a) he knows KC better than I do and b) while driving into town the day before, he steadfastly refused to give me any indication of specific exits/streets/etc. until the last minute. Please note that the IB does not usually drive my car. There is definite foreshadowing in this parenthetical remark.) Well, we had not left the (electrically operated power) windows down. And we hadn’t opened my (also electrically operated) sunroof the entire trip, but it was partially open. So we kind of start freaking out. The IB’s all like “Don’t touch anything else” (since the first thing I did was open the glove box to check that the CDs were still there – they were) and went inside to report it. Everything looked fine, and we couldn’t see any obvious break-in points. The CDs weren’t missing. Nothing appeared to be missing. Security came out and did a lackluster report, then called the police, who gave us a time frame of one to four hours. I was not pleased. First, I had already been close to tears due to the fetus thing (and we didn’t even go in!). Second, I was just stressed by the whole situation. Third, I was scheduled to have a massage at the hotel at six, and it was already well after four. The IB wanted me to call the hotel shuttle and make my massage, but I didn’t want to leave him there – it was my car after all.

We had pretty much decided to just go ahead and leave rather than wait for the police, as I wasn’t exactly sure what they would do (we came outside and our windows were open! Oh, no!). The IB went inside to tell security they could cancel the police call, while I went to the car just to make sure everything was working correctly. Naturally, that’s when the police showed up. The officer was very nice and was just as baffled as us, but didn’t take a report since there was no specific crime. Then we headed off back to the hotel (fortified with dark chocolate dipped Twinkies the IB picked up inside to make me feel better). When discussing it all, we concluded that it was likely one of three options: A) Someone managed to break into the car, and get the electrical systems before the anti-theft device kicked in; B) Someone managed to break in, but then was scared off by people in the parking lot; and, in the highly unlikely column, C) Someone else had a Mini Cooper whose keyless entry button had the same code as mine, and they opened up my car by mistake (but didn’t put the windows back down? doubt it).

We got back to the hotel around 5:30, so we were into their cocktail hour. Everyone gets a free drink during cocktail hour (and since we checked in about one minute before the end of cocktail hour the night before, they let us use both night’s tickets), and I downed two amaretto sours in fifteen minutes before heading down for my massage. Those two things served well to calm my nerves. The massage was absolutely amazing. I was so incredibly relaxed. I thought it would be a little weird, because I had never had a male masseuse before, but he made me very comfortable, so it was all good. I was happy I had splurged for it.

Afterwards, we watched “Hairspray” in our hotel room (not really the IB’s idea, as he hates both musicals and John Travolta, but he did say that it was better than he thought it would be – that’s something, right?). Then we went out hunting for food again. We ended up in a pub that was attached to a pizza place (and the name, unfortunately, escapes me right now – I’m pretty sure it was Kelly’s Pub, but I don’t remember the pizza place’s name). And it was divine. The pizza was crazy good, as were the cheese breadsticks. However, we were not sufficiently forewarned of the size of the cheesesticks – we ordered a small pizza and cheesesticks (which were pretty normally priced – around $4). The cheesesticks were basically a medium size pizza crust. Yeah. Good for a group, but for two people? We ended up giving some to the bartender at the hotel. Although, if my stomach would have let me, I would have eaten them all!

The next day, we got up and got ready to head back home. We were walking to the car, and I was like, hooray, the windows are still up. Then as we’re walking toward the car, all of a sudden they start rolling down and the sunroof opens. And we’re all like, holy shit, is there an electrical problem or something. But as we start driving away, I flip through the manual and find out that if you hold down the unlock button on the remote entry thingee for several seconds, it will do this automatically. Yup, it was a feature of the car, we just didn’t know it! And I don’t continue to obsessively press the button, whereas Indie Boy does! So I’m just laughing and laughing and laughing, and Indie Boy’s like, “I guess we forgot option D) We’re morons.” So thanks to the KC police for coming to check out the perfectly legitimate feature of my car. Yikes.

We then wandered around the Plaza for a little bit (where I picked up a bottle of Stalinade! Which I have been completely unable to find a photo or web reference to in a five minute search (although I did find multiple hits for a book of that title)! Even the store’s website doesn’t list it! And I am too lazy to go upstairs and get the bottle to look at the company who makes it! Just know that it was basically pink lemonade in a bottle featuring a hammer and cycle on the label, as well as several pithy remarks. The soda was okay, but the packaging was awesome!), before making a second (rain-soaked) stop at the City Market to pick up cheap produce for the IB’s mom.

On the way home, we decided to stop at St. Joseph to get some supper at Chipotle. It was in front of some strip mall, and there was a Cold Stone just across the way, so we went in for dessert. In between was a Game Stop. After ice cream, I thought, hey, why don’t we just stop in to see if they have any Wiis? So we go in, and behind the counter they have a huge display of Wii boxes, all with a price tag attached. No signs touting unavailability. That just screams, “Yes, we have Wiis!” doesn’t it? Well, to the normal person it might, to Game Stop, not so much. Bastards. So I’m all grumbly, and IB’s like, hey there’s a Target right there. And I’m like, yeah, but it’s Sunday evening – if they had any, they’d totally be gone by now. But he’s like, well it doesn’t hurt to look. And he’s right. Because they had two left in stock. So we’ve been playing the hell out of it ever since. (And as a side note to the “It never hurts to look” motto, last Monday we were planning to go to a baseball game that got rained out – despite the fact that it had stopped raining, but that’s another rant entirely. Instead, we went out for a nice supper, and I thought, before going home, hey, why don’t we stop at Best Buy on the offchance that they have either the perennially sold out Mario Kart w/Wii Wheel or the Wii Fit in stock? The didn’t have Mario Kart, but they had just put out a table of Wii Fits that were being snatched up right and left. I was on the right. Yay!)

3) In the two weeks after the KC trips, we took in a couple of baseball games with friends, both of which were a lot of fun (even though the Saltdogs lost both times). We’re hoping to go again this Friday for Fireworks Friday (they put on a heck of a fireworks show for a minor league team).

4) Speaking of fireworks, how was your Fourth of July? As always, I went over to Chris and Scott’s and watched them and their neighbors blow up the neighborhood (all with completely legal fireworks. Right? Right. Ahem.). There were ribs, and cheesecake, and loud booms. Our friend’s three year old daughter was terrified before they’d even really started, and cried for quite a while, but by the end of the night she was having a good time.

5) Roller derby! Three weeks in a row! The weekend before the 4th, the No Coast girls killed a team from Oklah
oma – 194 to 12. Yikes. The next week, the two home teams played each other, and one was a bit better than the other, with another hundred point difference (which is pretty damn unusual). For that one, we decided to sit on the other side of the auditorium, and ended up by the penalty box, which ended up being great. One of the more tempermental skaters was jamming (check out Wikipedia if you’re not up on terminology) and got blindsided by an opponent after she had already gotten the lead jam. She slid hard into the suicide seats trackside. The opponent got sent to the box, but that apparently was not good enough, as the jammer through off her helmet, skated over to the box, and attacked the other girl from behind. Oh, it was awesome. This past weekend, both home teams traveled to Omaha to play a double header with their two home teams. It ended up being a draw, as our Dirty Harriets (the winner of the Lincoln squad bout the week before) trounced the Omaha Victoria’s Secret Service, but our Flatland Fugitives lost to, um, whatever the other Omaha team is. I don’t remember their name. Oops. It was a lot of fun, nonetheless.

6) Last week was a good week for free entertainment, as the Ross started their Movies on the Green with “A Man For All Seasons” and the Municipal Band did a movie-themed show at Antelope Park. Both made for a good time. Rita, Raf, & their kidlet joined us for the band concert, and it was nice to chill with them for a while. The night was beautiful and the music was good (although Indie Boy and I are still puzzled as to how you can do a medley of music from the original Star Wars and leave out the Cantina Band). (Yes, we’re geeks.)

7) I’m sure there’s more I could share, but good lord this post is too long! Apparently I need to update more to keep this from happening again.


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