The times, they are a changin’

Well, here we are again. How ya’ll doin’? I’m certainly doing better, now that I’ve had a couple of weeks to deal with everything. And a few distractions inbetween. Such as, helping Indie Boy move into my place. Yes, it’s official, we are living together. I cannot stress to you exactly how momentous this is. Since moving out of dad’s house to go to college, I haven’t had so much as a roommate. Partially because, well, people irritate the crap out of me. And, given extended periods together, that can include my friends. One of my friends during college had a fight with her boyfriend and crashed at my place for a week. I wanted to throttle her by the time she made up with him and left. Going on trips can test my patience with even the best of my friends (especially those who don’t do any share of the driving and can’t read maps for shit, but I’m not going to name any names or anything). Hell, when Jackie and I went to Denver last year, I didn’t get any sleep for three days because, good lord, that girl can snore. I think that can pick up the soundwaves of her snores in space. She had to drive on the way back, lest I fall asleep at the wheel. Ahem, anyway…

So this whole living together thing is a pretty new experience for me. Granted, the IB has pretty much been a permanent fixture at my place since March (hello, we bought him a nightstand a few months back), but the vast majority of his belongings weren’t here. And now, they’re sitting in my dining room, waiting to be unpacked (except for the multiple bookcases/dresser/computer table/etc., which are currently residing in my garage until we figure out where the hell to put them). It’s very surreal, but in a wonderful way. Because I actually like being around him all the time. I’ve never felt that way about anyone. It’s crazy.

My hairdresser broached the idea that, since we’re officially living together, we need to buy something together that’s ours, so we spent part of Saturday wandering around Nebraska Furniture Mart. We narrowed it down to three possible items, but haven’t totally made up our minds yet. The likely contender was something called a “love chair” on the tag (and please, if you must Google this, know that it is not this crazy thing). I couldn’t actually find it on the NFM website but it looks like (and is made by the same company as) this swivel chair, except it’s bigger (can very comfortably seat two people) and doesn’t swivel. And no, that is not the only color they come in. The turning point, however, will be if we can get it in a different fabric type. The swivel chairs had very nice fabric, but the fabric on the on floor samples of the love chair was itchier, and the IB was not a fan. So if we can get it in a cool color and non-itchy fabric, that will probably be the way to go. Although the retro orange sectional with a chaise lounge was pretty cool too. Maybe if we could get the orange fabric for the love chair…

But I digress again. The IB and I (him way more than me) also spent some time moving his parents into their new apartment. And I would just like to say, anyone who has ever called me a pack rat needs to check out their place, because they make my house look positively sparse. It took nearly two weeks to complete the move (which included going a week over their lease because they couldn’t get everything cleaned out in time). I took Friday off of work to help, as they were supposed to be totally out by Friday, IB and his dad were both exhausted Thursday night, and they still had a bit to go. Then I got there, and was like, good lord! I volunteered to rent a U-Haul, as the prospect of making several dozen car trips seemed silly and a waste of time we could spend packing, and we got a lot out that day (although they didn’t get totally finished until Sunday night). And then U-Haul made us late for the roller derby!

We totally showed up to return the truck at 5:30. We had driven a whopping fifteen miles the entire day, so hadn’t really used much gas. When we rented the truck, the guy just told us that we had to return it with between 1/4 and 1/2 tank of gas. As the needle hadn’t really moved at all, we returned without filling it up, because it was in the authorized area. Except the guy that night wouldn’t accept it, and said that it only had a 1/4 of a tank (which was a filthy, filthy lie, but whatever). He said that if we didn’t put any gas in it, they would charge us a $30 refueling fee plus the price of gas. So, naturally, the IB went off to rectify the situation. The attendant told him, “Casey’s just a block away,” and off the IB went. When he had not returned after a half-hour, I called him, and learned that Casey’s doesn’t sell diesel. You know, the kind of gas the truck uses. Neither did any of the other gas stations on 48th. Or 56th. As I was talking to him, he finally found a station selling diesel, and it was nowhere near the U-Haul location. Turns out, there is a gas station selling diesel not far from the U-Haul – they just didn’t bother to tell us where. By the time the IB got back with the truck, he had tripled the mileage we had used just by looking for a station, and it was after 7. Luckily, U-Haul gave us $10 off the rental price and charged us $.50/mile instead of the normal $.89. If they hadn’t, I think the IB would still be there bitching. The roller derby started at 7:30, but by the time we drove home, changed clothes, splashed on some body spray and perfume to cover up the BO from moving all day (since we totally had no time to shower), drove downtown, spent 15 minutes futilely searching for parking, and grabbed supper at the concession stand (as breakfast was at 8am, and “lunch” was a Snickers for me at 10:30 and a single serving can of Pringles for him around 1:00), we had totally missed the first round of the bout. But the other two rounds were very entertaining, we caught up with Jesse and Jen, and we went out for dessert after. So, it was still a good time.

And, on a final note, the lovely Rita finally gave birth to her first child on Thursday. I haven’t had a chance to see Natalia yet, but will hopefully make it there tomorrow. Congrats!


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