!So, last night Indie Boy and I went to opening night of The Simpsons Movie, which was very fun and not the horrible travesty it could have been. I mean, it’s not as if the last few seasons have been able to keep my attention, but maybe they were just putting all their effort into the movie. We initially were going to go to the late show at South Pointe, but even though we showed up an hour and a half in advance, it was sold out. We then decided to try the Grand downtown, as they had it in two theaters, and were able to get tickets. It was pretty full, but not sold out. However, I was a little disappointed in one thing – mainly that those of us at the last showing got ripped off. See, we were standing in line, and noticed that, down the hall by the theater, there was a table set up. And as the patrons of the previous showing came out, they were given Simpsons posters, as well as LaMar’s donuts all done up with the pink icing like on the poster. Then we saw them take the table over to the other theater for the folks at that showing. But at the end of our showing? Nothing. No posters, no donuts, no nothing. I was very disappointed. It seemed like a fun little promo, and I was bummed that they didn’t extend it to, you know, everyone who went that day. But I suppose that’s a minor kibble. And we were able to stop by Sonic for sweets on the way home. Hooray for ice cream!


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