Me = dork


So last night, Indie Boy and I had the Best. Night. Ever! What were we doing, you ask? Did we win the lotto and go on the town? Did we have a deep, meaningful talk which led to the transcendental understanding of our place in the universe and with each other and allowed us to find inner peace? Did we accidentally on purpose run over Paris Hilton while she out walking to her car to once again drive illegally without her license? Well, no, we didn’t do any of those things. Actually, we ran some errands, including a stop at Homer’s for music as well as looking for baby shower gifts for lovely Rita (who is not a meter maid). But more importantly, we finally managed to stop in at The Midway to check out their treats. Hooray for funnel cakes without having to deal with fair crowds! But even more exciting was the discovery that the shop had a vintage Donkey Kong game. Which was set up so you could play for free. Oh, yeah.

The hilarious thing is that the IB and I were discussing Mr. Kong just a few days ago (I believe while we were spending Sunday evening playing Simpsons’ Road Rage on my Playstation). I was recalling playing the game in my youth (although I only owned DK Jr. for my own Atari, back in the day) and how I would love to play it again. However, as it is a Nintendo game, and as Nintendo has elected not to license it to any other game systems, and as I have no intention of buying a gamecube (I mean, come on, I can count the times I’ve turned on the Playstation this year on one hand and have several digits leftover, I’m not about to buy a different game system), I have not had an opportunity to play it for nigh on two decades. Well, that all changed last night. Granted, I was pretty rusty (and the fact that the obviously old school machine had some gaps in the screen didn’t help), but I did manage to make it to the second level once. And got on the high score board. I’m pretty sure all the 17 year olds coming in to get the shaved ice drinks thought I was lame, but damn them, I did not care. I’m sure they must have all thought I was quite thirsty also. Because when ordering my Pepsi, I looked at the four sizes of cups they had setting up by the menu and ordered the large, which appeared to be around 16 oz. However, these apparently were actually the cups they use for the shaved ice (never mind that they were displayed directly ender the Pepsi – ah, sweet, sweet Pepsi – sign). The drink I got? Around 20 gallons or so. Okay, a slight exaggeration, but it was still the kind of cup you hold with both hands and probably easily holds a liter. Did I mention that I ordered it without ice? And that it was after 9 pm? Yeah. Guess who was still wide awake when 1 am rolled around? That? Would be me. And Indie Boy by extension, since I was wired and yammering aimlessly about varied unrelated topics. Hurrah!

Unfortunately, The Midway has yet to add fried Twinkies on a stick to their menu. But when they do? I’ll be there, Twinkie hanging from my lips like an oversized, oozing cigarrette, while trying to save the princess from a giant animated ape.


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