A day in the life of a tweaker

Last Saturday, Indie Boy and I made a trek down to Lawrence, KS to see Tortoise and Hot Chip, two bands who sound absolutely nothing alike, but decided to do a show together. The show was preceded with what was supposed to be a quick 20 minute stop in the Love Garden that turned into an hour and a large stack of CDs for both of us. Gotta love cool used record stores, especially ones that have multiple cats roaming around. We were a little late for the show (which was okay, because the 10 minutes we heard of the opening act? H-o-r-r-i-b-l-e.), but still found a decent spot to stand for Tortoise. There was a bit of audience turnover between the sets, so we got front and center (well, okay, more like front and right, as we were at the end of the stage by the speakers) for Hot Chip. While setting up their five (count ’em) synths for their part of the show, the “roadie” setting up the keyboards in front of us looked like a reject from Revenge of the Nerds. We’re talking skinny ass white boy, big nerdy glasses, a very worn Nike tank top that was too big, blue running shorts, red and black checked socks, and weird ass sneakers. But I couldn’t help noticing that he was spending an inordinate amount of time on this particular keyboard, and seemed to be putting more into it than your average roadie. I commented to the IB, “I hope he really is a roadie and not a member of the band, because I’d be disturbed looking straight up at him the whole show.” So naturally he turned out to be the lead singer.

Anyway, the show itself was fun, and IB jumped on stage after it was over to score me a set list. Whee! But the real entertainment was during the encore. As mentioned above, we were situated at the end of the stage where the speakers were. I had my purse sitting on the ledge off to the side a little bit. Then this guy came up beside me and got up on the ledge, holding onto the speakers. He initially kneeled on my purse, but as soon as he moved his leg, I retrieved it. Anyway, I had figured he was going to bum rush the stage (and I believe the geeky singer did too, as he kept glancing over there), but he initially just knealt there. Then he kind of hunched over, and almost seemed like he fell asleep. Then, right at the end, I thought he was going to hurl. I have no idea why he felt the need to perch his obviously drugged self on the ledge right next to me, but whatever. At least my purse was vomit free.

Of course, we didn’t get home until 4 am, and the IB had to work at 11. And was doing a double shift. Until midnight. I was tired, but at least I got to bum around at home. And watch Snakes on a Plane! I know, I’m a dork. But it was funny. No, really. Fine, don’t believe, I don’t care.


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