Domestic goddess? Moi? Oh, you were kidding.

So, Indie Boy and I finally hit that point in the relationship. The point where I offered him a drawer. Except I really needed to clean out some of my own packed wardrobe to actually make room for his stuff. And I was totally meaning to spend a weekend doing just that (because also? I really need to get rid of some clothes that don’t fit, I don’t like, or are just outdated by a decade – being a packrat has its downsides), but before I had the chance, the IB is like, well why don’t we just buy a matching nightstand to go with my bedroom set. So last night we treked to Omaha to hit Nebraska Furniture Mart (since Slumberland, where I bought my set last year, was no longer carrying the specific set we wanted), and can I just say, all furniture shopping should be that easy. Despite the fact that NFM is a cavernous, multibuilding place (they have an actual map of the facilities – if you need a map to find the bedroom furniture, you know you’re in a big place), we got in, found what we needed, paid for it, and were out in 20 minutes. Then we drove half a block to their warehouse, where they brought it out and loaded it into the car, lickity split. Of course, when we got home to set it up, we realized that we got the retarded stepchild of the batch, as one of the handles was apparently misshapen inside, and the screw went in sideways and wouldn’t tighten the whole way. And one of the nice little pads they put on the bottom to protect it during shipping was accidentally put under the top shelf, preventing it from laying flat and leaving a gap in the top. But those are minor technicalities. As if the fact that we didn’t actually bother to measure the area where we were going to put it and, um, it’s too big. But we’re totally going to figure something out.

But my point is, I have never been in a relationship long enough to even consider sharing drawer space or actually buying additional drawers. Nor have I ever lived with anyone, and while the IB still technically has another place he calls home, he’s pretty much here all the time. And it’s bizarre just how comfortable I am with the whole thing.

And on a completely unrelated note, have you ever been using the restroom, and notice from the corner of your eye a bug flying up from somewhere around the toilet and think, “Holy cow, did I just shit out a mosquito?” Or was that just me. Yeah, mine was probably the only hand up for that question. Alright, on with your lives.


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