Oh, internet, I’ve missed you so!

So this week, for no apparent reason, my DSL line just stopped working. Monday night, fine. Tuesday, nothing. I’m checking connections, turning things on and off, checking connections again. Nothing. But I’m thinking, maybe it’s just the server, I’ll let it go for tonight, so went to do other things. As Indie Boy came over Wednesday, I didn’t check it out then, but Thursday it still wasn’t up, so I called. They said that they were going to reset it from there, and it should be totally fine by Friday. Well, I get home Friday night, and there’s a friendly message on my answering machine saying that everything was okay from outside of my house, so I should be good to go. Except it wasn’t. In fact, the little DSL light on my modem was no longer even on. So I had to call back again and get someone out here on a Saturday, and it appears that when the guy was here on Friday, he may have accidentally pulled out the wire when he was putting everything away, causing the problem. We got that hooked up, and I still couldn’t get on until we went to some secret DSL site and resynced my modem up. Such a lot of work for such a little thing. Go figure. But now I am back! Back to the internet! Yay! Although I won’t be using it for several days next week, as I’ll be having fun in Austin at SXSW. Yay, music festivals!

And for anyone who’s wondering, I’m feeling much better today than I was during my last post. Sunday nights can just be all sorts of bad for me, as it’s the day I’m most likely to spend the most time alone, and my brain starts going a little nutso. I have talked with the IB, and all is good. And today I’m going to at least get out a little bit, as I agreed to go see The 300 with a couple of gals from work. I really didn’t have a lot of interest in seeing it, but I’m always up for an outing. Of course, I think they’re mainly going because some actor they like is in it, and he is bald in the movie, and they, apparently, really like bald men. So perhaps I should keep Indie Boy away from them. 😉


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