Boys are weird

So when my friend Jackie was here, she was all checking and updating her MySpace page (which is a site that drives me a little insane, so I have no page of my own). She does a lot of the internet tests, and had linked to one from one of her MS friends. Namely, the Kinkiness Test. After getting her score, I decided to take it as well (and no, I’m not sharing my score, thank you very much, although I will share that it was higher than Jackie’s but way, way lower than Indie Boy’s). Anyway, the test was on this site called OkCupid, a site I had never been on, but has lots of tests, you can create a profile, and apparently also serves as a sort of matchmaking site. I had to sign up to the site to get the result of the test. But in the past week, I’ve gotten a little addicted to taking the tests. However, I have started wondering about the guys on that site looking for matches.

Specifically, my profile lists me as single but in a relationship (because, duh, I’m dating Indie Boy). The IB even gets a couple of mentions in my profile. But yet I’ve had a couple of guys IM me while online apparently looking for a hookup. Last night this guy asked me if I had a parnter, I said “I do have a partner,” then he asks me if I’m looking forward to. And I’m all “looking forward to what?” And he’s like finding a partner. Did you not read my profile? Did you not read the sentence I just typed saying that I had a partner? So I reiterated my stance, and he’s like “ic” (because clearly expending the extra energy for the additional three keystrokes to write “I see” would tap him out), then continues to talk about how he’s really hoping to meet a girl he could be in a relationship with on the site. Well, maybe you should start by looking for the ones not already in a relationship. That might help. And maybe in your own state (as he listed his as being North Carolina which, last time I checked, is nowhere near Nebraska). Just a thought. Yeah, I exited the site shortly after that.

Well, onto not so weird boys (or at least boys who are weird in a fun and endearing way)…. Indie Boy and I took a jaunt to Omaha on Friday afternoon, which was quite a fun time. We started out by having lunch at Burger Lust (which was a very appropriate name for the restaurant – yum!). And as I’m sitting at the table, I look over at another table and am shocked to see my old creative writing teacher from college. I hadn’t seen her in a good decade, and she looked just the same. Apparently she moved to North Carolina (what is it with that state this weekend?), decided she didn’t like it, and moved to Omaha. Small freakin’ world. From there, the IB and I checked out an exhibit at the Durham Western Heritage Museum which contained film costumes from period pieces (such as Pride and Prejudice, Titanic, Portrait of a Lady, Gosford Park, etc.). We also had fun wandering around their normal exhibits, including the train cars. Afterwards, we headed over to Homer’s to catch an in-store performance from Kristin Hersh. She was like 45 minutes late because her car broke down, but it was definitely worth waiting that long. I got to meet her afterward and get a poster signed. Then it was drinks, dinner, and heading home to work on closing the gap between our kinkiness scores. But you don’t need to hear about that….


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