Running on fumes

I should so be in bed right now. But instead, I decided to delight absolutely noone by updating my blog. And since I’m currently washing my sheets, I suppose bedtime would have to wait anyway. So, drumroll please – here’s the excitement from the last two weeks of my life. The thrill is just beginning….

First, I managed to give myself food poisoning when I prepared myself what certainly seemed like a tasty cheeseburger at the time, but was rather unpleasant the next day. Which sucked ass, because Indie Boy and I were supposed to go to the movies that night. But since I spent a couple of hours forcibly evacuating matter from my body at both ends, I figured that probably wouldn’t be a good idea. However, being the wonderful boyfriend he is, the IB did run to the store to pick up provisions for me, and I was starting to feel better that evening, so we hung out with Rita and then laid around on the LoveSac watching movies (well, sort of watching…I may have fallen asleep in the middle). The next day, I was back to my normal self, which was wonderful, so IB and I rescheduled the movie for his next day off. And the movie? Volver, the newest from Pedro Almadovar (and yes, it took its sweet time coming to Lincoln). I’m glad Penelope Cruz got nominated for an Oscar, as the film is amazing, even compared to other Almadovar films. I’d write a review, but, well, I suck at that, so on to the weekend…

My friend Evan decided to come up to visit this past Thursday, and he stayed through yesterday. He hadn’t been up for around a year, so it was nice to see him. He had initially planned to come up in January, but that didn’t work, so he just called me up a week beforehand and was like, “I’m coming up the 1st of the month.” Of course, he had already taken the time off and hadn’t checked with me about my own schedule, which caused a slight conflict, as my dad was already coming up Saturday for a show at the Lied. However, we decided that Evan could just hang out Saturday evening watching movies (which is pretty much all he does here anyway). Plus, we managed to talk my friend Jackie into coming up as well, so he had someone to talk to while dad and I were at the show. The weekend was very fun, and involved mucho eating and ’80s trivia, thanks to Totally ’80s Trivial Pursuit. Evan cooked a big ass meal on Friday, and we had Indie Boy over for supper and inspection – all seemed to go well, even if Jackie did manage to drink & eat too fast and was forced to excuse herself for some involuntary purging. Yikes. And then IB got the real inspection on Saturday when dad showed up. All seemed to go well, and I believe he’s gotten the thumbs up. So yay, us. Sunday was spent gorging at the Granite City brunch buffet and watching some bad movies. The good thing? We managed to talk Evan out of making us go see The Messengers in the theater. The bad? He bought and made us watch The Plague. Yeah, I wasn’t exactly a James van der Beek fan before, and this pile o’ crap certainly didn’t help his case. Yikes. I went to work yesterday morning, planning to take a long lunch (figuring around 2-2 1/2 hours total w/travel time) yesterday before Evan and Jackie left. I left work at 11:00, got home by 11:15 and Jackie? Still in bed. Apparently Evan couldn’t bear to wake her. So she had to get ready, so we weren’t ready to go when the IB showed up around 11:30. We finally left my house at 11:45 and went to the Isles for lunch. Great food, wonderful pizza, but for some reason yesterday, the service was sloooooooooow. As in, we were there until at least 1:15. For pizza! That’s just craziness. Then Jackie wanted to stop by Target, which I thought would be quick, but ended up being another 45 minutes. So by the time they actually left? It was 3:00. Now I could have gone back to work until 5:00 as planned, but that hardly seemed worth it. Plus the IB was already at my house. Is it bad that I called into work for nookie?

Which leads us to the title of this post….I have had like no sleep all freakin’ weekend. Thursday I went to bed at 4 am, and Evan got me up at 10. Saturday, I didn’t go to bed until 6 am (well, technically, I was in bed around 4ish, but so was the IB, so, well, sleeping didn’t occur for a while), and got woken up by a phone call at 10:30 (although, to be fair, my alarm was set for 11:30 to make sure I was showered and dressed by the time dad got here). Saturday, went to bed after 3 and got up at 9:30 for the breakfast brunch extravaganza. Sunday, wandered to bed around 1 and my alarm went off at 6:30. Last night, the IB and I were up until around 2, and again I had a 6:30 alarm call. Throw in the fact that I’m an insomniac, and the time that I go to bed doesn’t have much bearing on when I fall asleep (and that I woke up disoriented in the middle of the night last night for no apparent reason), and you have one tired girl. Until it gets to the time I should be in bed, in which case I am wide fucking awake. Like now. Oh, well, I suppose I can sleep this weekend. Maybe. We’ll see.

On one final note, yesterday I discovered that not only is Indie Boy a dancing curmudgeon, he is also a Valentine’s Day curmudgeon, as I was advised not to expect anything for this, my very first V-Day in all of my 34 years where I was actually dating someone at the time. *sniff, sniff* (Feel free to insert sarcastic whiny remark here.) Well, guess what – I already bought you a goddamn card, and you’re going to read it and you’re going to like it. That’s what I said bitch, you will like it. So there.

And with that, I���m off to pretend like I���m going to go to bed soon. Ha!


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