Change is good, right?

Hello all. You’ll be happy to know that I am in a slightly more stable frame of mind than in my last post. Yay, me! The Jolie Holland show last Thursday was amazing, which wasn’t much of a surprise. She has such an otherworldly voice, and is mesmerizing on stage. And the best part? I was actually carded at an 18 and older show. Carded. As if I look like a teenager. Ha! Well, I was wearing pigtails, so…no, still not possible. I do not look under 18, or even under 21 (although Indie Boy said he thinks I look more like mid- to late- 20’s than my actual age of 34, but he may be slightly biased in his evaluation). It did pretty much make my night. However, there was a small irritation during the show – namely I met up with a friend of mine at the show. She ran into a friend of hers who then saw a friend of his, so the four of us ended up sharing a table. This in and of itself was not bad. They were both nice guys, and we had a really interesting conversation before the show. The problem? Well, they didn’t exactly stop the conversation when the show started. And they weren’t necessarily quiet, either. First, I don’t understand people who pay money to go to shows then talk through the act. Second, the show was just Jolie on vocals and acoustic guitar, a drummer, and an occasional violinist. So not exactly loud music, meaning that conversations are bound to affect people nearby. The girl at the table in front of us was totally giving them the evil eye, and at one point interjected with a loud “Ahem” which went totally unheeded. I felt for her. They left before the show was over, so I did get to concentrate solely on Jolie for a while, thankfully. If she comes to your area, I totally recommend checking her out. She’s got tour dates here.

On another subject, a few weeks ago I was reading about a group of people in California (I want to say San Francisco, as that is certainly the most logical place) who decided to drop out of consumerism for a year. They didn’t buy anything new other than necessities (food, toothpaste, plain white undies, etc.) and anything else they traded for or got used. I was a bit inspired by this. I am someone who is a total collector, and I spend way more money on stuff than I should. I mean, does anyone actually need 5,000 CDs? Probably not, although I certainly love having them. I’m going to try to cut down on my own consumerism. Perhaps checking out books from the library instead of buying them. Cutting down on my CD purchases (although I will probably make exceptions for my top favorite bands…for instance, Portishead, who is allegedly releasing a disc later this year). Not preordering every DVD box set under the sun (I actually have no orders currently pending with Amazon, for the first time in several years). Granted, Indie Boy and I are planning to head to South By Southwest in Austin for the music festival in March, so I will probably make an exception, because how can I go to a music festival with a giant auditorium filled with nothing but venders and not buy anything? I just can’t. But I am going to make a concerted effort to, you know, save my money and pay shit off rather than buying crap that I know I don’t need. So I may keep a log of my progress in here. Kevin Smith is doing a weekly recap of his newest attempt at weight loss on his blog which will include detail on “what I want to eat so badly that I’d be willing to step on all your necks just to get a taste… but won’t, because I’m committed to a cause.” So I may do the same here – things I really, really, really wanted to buy, but said no to. So good vibes would totally help here.

And with that, I am off. Ta.


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