Is it 2007 already?


Well, after my last rant-tastic post, I will shoot for happiness and sunshine in this one. (Although, seriously? Still pissed at DM.) Anyhoo, onto more exciting things, like four-day weekends. (Holiday + National Day of Mourning = Good Times! Thanks Gerald!) I managed to watch four movies (finally watched “Eternal Sunshine…,” which was not what I expected but really good, “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang,” which was fan-fucking-tastic, and the “Strangers With Candy” movie, which was entertaining but still didn’t quite inspire me to actually watch the series, and rewatched “Withnail & I,” discovering that I had completely replaced Richard E. Grant with Hugh Laurie in my head – don’t know how that happened) along with the 9th season of the Simpsons. Couch potato? Not moi.

Of course, Sunday brought the snow, which was mildly irritating to me. It couldn’t wait until after New Year’s Eve? Seriously? I had previously contemplated buying a snowblower, but had neglected to get around to it. I tried to make a valient effort to shovel my driveway the old fashioned way, and it only took five minutes for my back to lodge a protest (and this was while wearing a back support and lifting with my legs). So I managed to talk Chris & Scott to picking me up and accompanying me to Menard’s to lug a snowblower back to my house. Whee! And of course, boys being boys, after showing me how to work it and letting me do a token row or two in the driveway, they were all “So, do you want to do this or do you want us to?” When I replied that I didn’t care, their eyes lit up and they worked out the plan – Scott did the driveway, Chris the sidewalks. Me? I was in charge of hot chocolate. Clearly in my element.

As the snow did manage to stop by late afternoon, I went over to Jesse’s for a couple of hours before meeting Rita and Raf at the bowling alley for New Year’s fun. Yeah, that’s right. I said bowling. I live on the edge, people, I’m teetering as we speak. We had a lot of fun (although I should have gotten there a little sooner, as all the balls which would have worked for me were already taken – I used Rita’s custom made ball, which worked better than the alley one I had picked out, but still didn’t fit my fingers real well – that’s what I blamed all my gutter balls on), and I somehow managed to break 100 in three out of four games. I was in the lead for one game until the very last frame, when I was usurped by Raf. We had some pizza and some free (crappy) champagne at midnight. Indie Boy had to work, but made it there with five minutes to go before the ball dropped, so we did get to ring in the year together. Yay, us! Then he pretty much camped out with me until this morning. Seriously, can you think of a better way to spend two extra days off? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

So, I haven’t actually had time to work up a year end best of (as referenced a couple of posts ago). I’ll really, really try. Really. Look for my best of 2006 list around March. 🙂


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