Dad is great, give us the chocolate cake

Okay, so there’s no actual cake to reference in this particular entry, but there is baking involved. Yes, last Saturday I did a Christmas baking party. While I had one no show, Rita and Shannon came over (although Shannon, who stopped by in between a surprise wedding in the morning and a divorce party in the evening, didn’t actually cook anything of her own), and a good time was had by all. I made peppernuts (a family tradition since way before I was born), fudge (which actually turned out correctly, as opposed to my last attempt, which was basically chocolate soup – tasty chocolate soup, but soup nonetheless), and peanut butter bars. Rita contributed Champagne Truffles, which a) contained no champagne and b) didn’t turn out quite as pretty as pictured on the website where she obtained the recipe. We renamed them Poo Balls with Cum (to be shortened to PB&C for discussion while in the office). Yeah, we’re classy girls.


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  1. Nice Billy Cosby reference (from Bill Cosby, Himself, one of his better stand-up sets). I still say the PB&C should be renamed “The Q Back-alley Special” or “Rest Stop Hors-dourves” or something of that genre.

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