Corrections, photos, and crank calls…


So I are a dumbass – apparently for the past several years I thought Rita and Jackie’s birthdays were a day apart, when actually they’re the same day.  Color me oblivious.  I should write these sorts of things down, but that doesn’t seem likely to happen.  Anyway, the above pic features Rita, Indie Boy, and I at R’s birthday extravaganza.  So whee!  Indie Boy (who for the remainder of this email shall be known as IB, because I am lazy) came over last night and we watched the extended edition of “Cinema Paradiso,” which I quite liked, although I had not seen the original cut.  Now having looked at the reviews of it on Netflix, it seems that the original version sans the addition 48 minutes of film is the preferred version.  Ah, well, maybe I’ll watch the original someday.  But not today, since I already sent it back…

Around 2 a.m. last night my phone rang, and I thought it might have been my friend Jackie (who had left a message earlier in the day, and who I had been unable to get a hold of when I called back), but instead it was someone crank calling and asking for cashew chicken.  Because apparently that’s all the rage in crank calling now or something.  I hung up, and they called back like a minute later, so IB took charge of the phone and answered with some long-ass Chinese phrase (or at least Chinese sounding – I have no idea if it was actual words or just made up nonsense, as my Chinese language skills are a little rusty…actually more like nonexistant, but anyway).  They spent five minutes trying to order food to be sent to their house, and IB totally played along and made fun of them.  They called back fifteen minutes later, and IB answered in another voice, stringing them along and telling them that they couldn’t add on to the order because the delivery guy was already on his way.  Luckily there were no more calls after that, but I was highly amused by IB’s performance.  Of course, if I had actually been asleep when they called, I would have been much less amused, but as it was we were still up. We were listening to music people – get your minds out of the gutter.


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