Give me a “W”! Give me an “O”! Give me a bullet to the head!

Can someone please explain to me the excitement of World of Warcraft?  Or, more specifically, could someone please explain to me why certain people who are obsessed with WoW think that by repeatedly giving me 20 minute monolgues about everything they can do on it will somehow actually make me want to play it, when I have expressed complete disinterest?  Seriously.  I don’t like those kind of games period, I don’t give a rat’s ass how good the graphics or how many people are participating.  My computer games are pretty much limited to Freecell, Spider Solitare, Hearts, Mah Jong, and, if I ever bother loading it on my new(ish) computer,  You Don’t Know Jack.  And should I take the time to dust of my (now obsolete) Playstation 2, it would be to play either Pac-Man or poker.   Does that scream, WoW player to you?  I mean, I have my geekiness (just witness the fact that I recently bought the original Star Wars trilogy for the eighth time – thanks George Lucas), but fantasy gaming has never been part of that.  D&D?  No.  Magic the Gathering?  No.  (Although I tried it once at the behest of friends, thus reinforcing my belief that it’s really not my thing.)  And now WoW?  H to the E to the double L, no.  So giving me a dissertation on the game is literally just a reason for me to stare into space and imagine the “wah-wah-wah” voices of the adults from the Peanuts universe in my head.  But enough of that…

The past couple of weeks have actually been going pretty well in my universe.  I went to see a really good ballet production of Don Quixote, although I was a bit perplexed as to why the titular character didn’t actually, you know, dance.  But the rest of the cast made up for that.  Dad came up last weekend and we went to the Moscow Symphony, which was entertaining, although strangely poorly attended.  Not that the theater was empty or anything, but the symphonies are usually sold out at the Lied, and this one was nowhere near capacity.  And I think that the people who were there were symphony novices, as no one had told them not to clap between movements.  I think the conductor was a little startled by that.  But it was all in all a good performance.  Then I hit the Lied again on Wednesday accompanied by Indie Boy.  We checked out the Good Humor Men, which was a stand-up comedy show.  It was highly entertaining, and far better than I was expecting, since I wasn’t familiar with any of the comedians.  And I was a little trepiditious, as one was known for writing for Seinfeld, a show in which I have never managed to watch an entire episode.  Of course, the fact that Elaine was the only one of the main characters that I didn’t want to bludgeon with a heavy object probably contributed to my dislike of the show.  Last night was a bowling extravaganza with Rita, Raf, and Indie Boy, which was great fun, even if I got progressively worse with each game.  At least I broke 100 (and came in first) for one game!  

I’m getting very excited for the upcoming holiday weekend, not because I’m a huge fan of Thanksgiving per se (considering that I’m not a fan of a majority of Thanksgiving food – one year my Thanksgiving meal consisted of mashed potatoes sans gravy and Oreos), but because one of my best friends, LaNette, will be visiting KS from San Francisco, so I will get to do some hanging out with her and her husband, and see her baby for the first time.  Whee!  Of course, her family have heavily scheduled her visit, but we’re going to work in some time together.  The weekend after that, the sisters and nieces are coming up here to Lincoln for some quality Christmas shopping.  Oh, how I love shopping on weekends between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Given my druthers (and if people get their lists done timely), I’d do my shopping the day before Thanksgiving, when everything is in the stores except the people.  However, since I’m going to be dragged along regardless, I suppose I’ll wait until then.  It will be nice having everyone up, though.  We’ll see if Shosty is nice this year, since in the past he has taken a severe dislike to my niece and spent much time hissing, growling, and spitting.  He wasn’t too bad last year, so here’s hoping the trend continues. 

So, as I likely won’t be blogging much for a week or two…Happy Freakin’ Thanksgiving!



  1. Sorry about the WoW diatribes. I promise to keep the Guildmaster from going off on another one. And I hope I don’t annoy you with my tidbits. I try to limit my ranting to a comment or two. 🙂

    Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. Little tidbits are fine. God knows I have my own useless ramblings. It’s the extended remix dialogue about it that drives me a little nuts. Although I probably sound a little more hostile above than I actually am. 🙂

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