Sleep depravation is fun!

So another year has passed, and I am now 34.  Birthdays seem so surreal anymore.  They really used to be like milestones to get through, and now, well, they’re just there.   Of course, that doesn’t stop me from treating it like a holiday and taking the damn day off.  Because who should work on their birthday?  And what a fine birthday it was.  Indie boy indulged my whims and took me to the National Museum of Roller Skating here in Lincoln and subjected himself to ’80s wrestler “Rowdy” Roddy Piper in the pinnicle of his acting career, They Live.  And who knew Roddy actually continued to have an acting career of sorts afterward (if you consider appearances in a made for TV “Love Boat” movie and “Walker, Texas Ranger” to be a career)?  Much fun was had by all, even if I did stumble into work with less than an hour’s worth of sleep the next morning.

I got to spend the day before my birthday – my birthday eve, if you will – with Chris and Scott, who gave me a large box of hot chocolate to get me through the winter and took me out to the best Italian in town, Vincenzo’s.  Chris is gone to training for a couple of weeks, so work will be quiet.  However, when he’s back, I have been promised a trip to Omaha for my treasured Brownie Obsession, now denied to me by TGIFriday’s closure of their sole Lincoln location.  Bastards.  Taking away my Brownie Obsession.  Hello, they don’t use the word “Obsession” lightly.  Anyway, enough about me drooling over food.  (Or anything else.  Ew, I should clean up my keyboard now.)

This week looks to be busy, with two programs at the Lied Center and family coming up to visit.  Which means it will be another age before I blog again.  So enjoy this while you can.

“I have come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass.  And I’m all out of bubblegum.”


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  1. They Live is an awesome movie. And that quote is a nerd’s/gamer’s mantra. 🙂

    BTW: Happy Birthday! 🙂

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