Not dead!

Hello, all.  I know, I know.  I have been very remiss in  updating the blog.  But I have an excuse.  On Labor Day weekend, I went to the State Fair with friends (more on that below), and Scott took a great picture of me in a pimp hat, silly glasses, and a sword.  Yes, a sword.  Granted, a blue plastic sword, but a sword nonetheless.  I immediately looked at the pic on his camera and said, “Hey, can you email that to me, because I want to put that on my blog?” and he said, “Sure.”  And I still don’t have it.  I was waiting for the pic to show up before updating, but since it’s been over two weeks, I’m not holding my breath.  So maybe someday, “Kathryn, Pimp-hat Wearing Warrior Princess” will be shown in her full glory, but for now, you will just have to imagine.  (You know, with your brain.  It’s the thing that makes pictures to entertain you when your TV is broken.)

So the fair.  Wow.  I can’t believe I’ve lived here for eight years as of next month, and this is the first time I’ve gone.  And it will be at least another eight before I bother going again.  Not that it was bad, if you want to hang around a lot of unsavory people, pay five bucks for a 45 second cheap-ass ride, and eat lots of things on sticks (I mean, pork chops on a stick?  Alligator on a stick?  Is this necessary?).  It’s just not my scene.  I did get to try a fried Twinkie for the first time ever (only one bite, as it was my friend who actually did the shameful purchase of said item), and it wasn’t as bad as I imagined.  The tasty batter and cinnamon and sugar sprinkles kind of negated the actual taste of the Twinkie itself, so it was actually pretty tasty.  Not good for you, of course, but tasty nonetheless.  (Wow, I sure used the word “tasty” a lot in those last couple sentences.  Perhaps I should go to the other room and break out my thesaurus.)

The next weekend, I got the pleasure of meeting Cool Indie Boy, who I started talking to on like six months ago or something.  CDs and pleasantries were exchanged, and a good time was had by all.  (Well, he’s still emailing me and has promised a new mix CD, so I assume that means good times abounded.)  And he was not at all evil.  Just like I am not at all crazy.  (Yeah, you probably had to hear the conversation for that to make sense.)

This past week, I have been plagued by back issues, for no apparent reason.  I’ve generally had excuses when my back was hurting, because I had done something stupid, but this time, out of the blue, my back just went “Screw you” and had a constant, droning pain.  I actually went to the doctor, which if you know me, is pretty amazing.  Nothing was out of alignment, but I was diagnosed with muscle spasms, so I’ve been prescribed muscle relaxers (which weren’t nearly as potent as Sixteen Candles would have you believe – maybe if I took the whole bottle…) and physical therapy, and have been doing much, much better.  It’s not totally gone, but the pain is greatly reduced.  So yay.

In other news, um, there’s not much other news.  You’d think there would be more news after a more than two week blog dry spell.  Wow.  I need to start doing silly things to write about here.  I suppose if I had responded to the nice Nigerian estate lawyer (who was representing someone with no immediate kin who amazingly shared my last name) I would have a great story about having my bank account emptied out by a con artist, but luckily I am wise to these tricks. 


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