I see red…

Well, today is the first Husker game of the season, and I am firmly ensconsed in my basement with no plans to leave anytime soon.  And no, I won’t be watching the damn game on TV either.  If it’s even on.  Don’t know, don’t care.  I thought I was going to have to traverse the insanity that is downtown Lincoln on gamedays, but this will not come to pass.  Namely, when I had my hair colored six weeks ago or so, we made the follow-up appointment for today, without a clue that it would be a game day.  She’s located around 8th and M downtown (which kills parking options), and the appointment was scheduled for 1:35 with the game having a 2:30 kickoff.  Oh, yeah.  But when I got home from Jazzercise this morning, my stylist had left a message that she wasn’t feeling well, and asking to reschedule, which I happily did. 

Are you ever surfing around the computer, and then think, “Wow, I really have to pee,” but decide to wait until you’re done on this page.  Then the next.  Then the next.  Then it’s a half-hour later and you’re squirming around in your chair because your bladder’s about to burst and it’s like the bathroom is ten freakin’ feet away so why don’t you just go already????  What’s wrong with you???  Yeah, me too.

I’m still sans an mp3 player.  I had Rita’s hubby Raffet take a look at it and he has come to the conclusion that the hard disc is fucked, so to speak.  It makes a clicking sound when you turn it in and won’t reformat or anything.  I emailed the company last Saturday to see if I can send it to them to have it replaced (I know my warranty’s over, but I thought that if they can do the work at a decent price, I’d go ahead and do that instead of investing in a new one).  Raffet also said that if that was too cost prohibative, we could buy a compatible hardrive and do a DIY replacement, since he found instructions on the web.  My thought was that he could replace it, since he’s the techie guy, but he thinks I should do it, and he’d take pics for the blog.  Ha, ha, ha.  Yeah, we’ll see if that happens.  Although considering that I have not yet got a response from the company (other than the auto-response telling me that the received the email and giving me the normal time frame for responses – oh, and the email was inexplicably in Spanish despite the fact that I chose English as my language and wrote the email in English.  Luckily I have multi-lingual friends), it seems more and more likely that that may happen.  I did manage to install a CD burner into my old computer all by my lonesome, so I suppose I could manage this.  Or I could screw it up royally.  It’s always a toss up.

Alright, I’m going to go do a serious soak in the bathtub, and will sign off.


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