Start saving now…

So I realize it’s only July and all, but I’ve already decided what the number one item on my Christmas list will be this year.  I want a bidet.  What a wonderful way to keep that fresh feeling all day long.  Now to decide if I just want one, or if I should renovate all of my 3 1/2 bathrooms to accomodate them. 

On a completely different note, I was taking an extra day off today to recover from the fireworks bonanza last night (my friends shot off fireworks for more than four hours and still had shells left over) and ran to the mall to pick up my curtains and some items I had framed.  There was a tent in front of the mall, which I thought said “Giant Bug Sale.”  Imagine my disappointment when I saw that it was actually a “Rug” sale.  I might have gone in to look if they’d had giant bugs (properly caged, of course – I don’t need some mammal sized praying mantis eyeing my head as a snack….although they only do that after sex, right.   Ewwwww…no praying mantis sex for me.  Imagine the children.)

***Okay, I have a two day late addendum to this post.  After I had posted and logged off, it occurred to me – hey, it’s the female praying mantises that bite off the heads of males after sex.  So for me to get my head bitten off, it would have to be praying mantis lesbian sex.  But at least I’d get to wear the strap-on.  Which got me wondering just what would a praying mantis dildo look like anyway?  (Okay, I googled “praying mantis dildo” and got 11,600 hits.  “Insect porn” got 569,000 hits.  We live in a twisted society.)


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