The bird of unpleasantness…

So it’s Saturday, and I’m bumming around since I did some major overtime this week (would have done more, but have been on the “tail end” of a cold for like a week, which threw my schedule off).  I decided to actually water my lawn (which I know will please Chris and Scott, who constantly mock my yard skills – luckily Chris is one who is not a fan of “pointless” exercise, so to work up a sweat he’s been mowing my lawn for free).  I went out to move the sprinkler to a different part of my vast lawn (I really didn’t take the whole corner lot thing into consideration when I bought the house, and got a rude awakening when it came time to mow and, later, shovel snow), and as I’m walking back to the house, I feel a *splat* on the back of my neck.  I’m thinking, “Hey, I’m kind of far away from the sprinkler for that to be water” and I reached back to discover that a bird had relieved itself on my person.   All I can say is that that bird is darn lucky that my cats stay indoors (except for really nice days when I let them out – supervised – onto the deck).  If it happens again, I may need to invest in a slingshot…


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