My demented subconscious part 2


So recently in my house, I have run across several spiders.  Not that this shouldcome as a surprise, my house does have a basement, and lord knows that in the house I lived in until I was 11 (which had a basement, unlike the house we moved into), all sorts of creepy, crawly things existed (most notably the centipede that showed up at a slumber party – there’s nothing like a bunch of screaming 8 year old girls running upstairs to get dad out of bed to kill a bug with hundreds of legs).    And considering the vast amount of time as a child I spent spraying Raid on crickets (including the larger, uglier red crickets which we had in tandem with the regular kind) until they literally turned white with the foam and ran under the stairs, I should consider myself lucky with a couple of spiders.  But I think they lay as the root cause of part of a dream I had this weekend (of which there were many weird parts which I’ve now forgotten, but this stuck in my head).

So in my dream, I’m at home and I see my cat Damien (the 20 pound black puff of fur pictured both here and to the left) stalking some weird insect like creature.  It was almost like a cartoon alien insect – it was about as tall as him, shaped kind of like an ant walking on it’s hind legs, and was bright green.  And I naturally am looking for a shoe to step on it with, although it’s obviously too big for that.  I somehow get rid of the insect, only to realize that apparently as a deterent to predators (such as Damien), it gives off a green pollen type substance that is all over the cat and making him itch.  Later in my dream it’s so bad that he’s scratched off a bunch of the fur around his back and stomach, and has like open sores on his head (which is actually kind of gross, so sorry I shared).   And that’s all I remember.  So I guess my subconscious is telling me to call the exterminator.


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