Purple madness


Well, work has finally begun on my bedroom, which has been transformed from a rather dull gray to dark purples to match a Cheshire Cat comforter/pillow set of mine.  It’s looking fantastic.  So thanks Scott for doing all that work.  🙂  It’s not done yet, but the walls have the main coats and just need the touch-ups/detail work, and the doors have been painted purple as well.  Then we’ll paint the adjoining bathroom  (orange, because why not?) before laying the new floor.

I had a  nice visit to KS last week, although the Depeche Mode concert in KC last Wednesday was cut a bit short.  Apparently, Dave (the primary singer) developed laryngitis (he’d already been having trouble hearing from the monitors), and was only able to perform six songs.  Martin (the primary songwriter and occasional singer) played five songs, but then they had to call it off.  I was a little irritated with the crowd, because it was obvious something was wrong, they seemed very bewildered and upset about cancelling the show, and they tried to go on for a little while.  Would it be better to have continued the show with a sick performer, or to have ended it early?  I enjoyed the show up until the time they ended it early (it was fun hearing some extra Martin songs) other than some of the idiots in the crowd (such as the girls a row behind us who kept screaming “Somebody!  Please!” at the top of their lungs between every song and the guy across the aisle who, while Martin was singing “Leave in Silence” and old Mode song that they’ve resurrected for the first time in 20 years on this tour, yelled “Play something we know!”  You know what, asshole, some of us do know that song and wanted to be able to hear it.  But I digress…)

The day after the concert, I headed back to western KS to hang with the fam, and went out barhopping with one of my friends.  This mainly reinforced two things:  1)  I really hate going to bars to hang around drunk people I don’t like and listen to music I can’t stand, which is why I rarely go out to bars; and 2) I am extremely thankful for Lincoln’s smoking ban – when you get home at 2:30 in the morning and only got three hours of sleep the night before, you don’t want to have to take a bath to keep from stinking up the bed.  Yikes.  Other than that, we had a really good time.  Ate way too much, but actually managed not to sabotage my diet too badly.

I’m sure there are other things to babble on about, but I only seem to think of them when I’m nowhere near the computer.  Go figure.


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