All is well

Well, thank goodness my cold is finally gone.  I’ve been feeling great this week, and have even been working for entire days!  Very exciting.  🙂  I also got started on my new exercise regimen – pilates and/or yoga in the morning before work and Jazzercise in the evening for my cardio.  Seems to be working well so far (although I am absolutely starving right now, but will be Jazzercising in a hour so don’t want to eat).  Lost four pounds since Monday, which is a great way for the week to be going. 

Things have otherwise been quiet (hence, the no blogging, ’cause who wants to hear about nothing).  I watched The Triplets of Belleville last night, which I really didn’t care for.  I had seen the previews and didn’t, well, appreciate the artistic style of the animation, but I ended up buying the soundtrack for it based on the performance at the Oscars.  Loooooooved the soundtrack.  Totally recommend that.  So I thought I’d finally check the movie out, but the animation was just as irritating as I thought, the story was, well, odd and slow, there was little dialogue and of the dialogue it did have, only a portion was translated.  This was a Cannes selection how?  Anyway, buy the soundtrack, skip the movie. 

I’m hoping to get my house cleaned this weekend.  It’s been pretty trashed since I was sick and didn’t do anything even remotely resembling housework.  A friend from KS is coming up next weekend, so I should get the place in working order by then.  I’ve got Monday off in commemeration of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, so will have time to get stuff accomplished and goof off.  Just what the good Dr. imagined, I’m sure. 


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