Murphy’s Law meets cold and flu season

Hello.  Hope everyone is having a great holiday time.  I have had a sore throat followed by a cold which started, wait for it, Friday night right after I got back to KS with the family.  Just my luck.  I luckily didn’t feel bad other than my throat (no vomiting, no headache, no fever, no nausea, glands not swollen, etc.), but I sounded horrible by Christmas day itself.  Managed to have a decent vacation anyway.  Scored a bunch of poker stuff for Christmas (strangely, I only asked for one poker related item, which I didn’t get, but I got numerous other things, like a Texas Hold ‘Em popcorn tin, a WPT watch/playing card set, a snack bowl set shaped like the various suits, etc.).  My great nephew seemed to have a good time opening his multitude of presents (for the second time in a day, since they spent the morning with his dad’s family).  I had a good time with my friends too.  Finally saw Narnia, which I really enjoyed (granted, it’s been a while since I read the book, so there was no nitpicking about changes, and they didn’t have quite the CGI budget of LOTR, but I thought it was very well done).  We also watched The Devil’s Rejects (lots of fun, much better than House of 1000 Corpses, and plenty of 70s and 80s cameos to keep us entertained) and The Fantastic Four (which is only fantastic if you really get off on looking for continuity errors, of which there was an abundance – I realize that there is a level of suspension of disbelief when dealing with comic book movies, but damn!).  I was home sick with my cold all day yesterday and part of today, so watched Season 7 of the Simpsons, and read a couple of books.  Finally decided to check out Kathy Reichs after recommendations from others and getting hooked on “Bones” on Fox (which, granted, doesn’t really parallel the books much, but is entertaining in its own right).  Trying to decide whether to go out New Year’s Eve.  I want to, and I’ve got a kick ass outfit, but if I’m still recovering from the cold, hanging out in bars until 1 am probably isn’t the sanest thing to do.  I may just have to find another reason to wear the dress.  One of my KS friends, we’ll call him “E”, may be coming up sometime in the next month.  He hasn’t been up here since last January (he usually likes to come up at Halloween, but was in Texas with another friend this year), so it should be fun.  And I get to make him cook.

Okay, I appear to be babbling on a lot (damn cold medicine), so I’ll sign off for now.  Tally ho.


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