Always the last to know

Two days to Thanksgiving, and I have no idea when I’m supposed to be there.  At least I know where I’m going, but have yet to hear when.  Since it’s a three hour drive, that’s a little inconvenient.  But such is my family.  “What are we doing for Thanksgiving/Christmas/other pertinent holidays?”  “I don’t know.”  At least I can rest assured that whatever we’re doing, it won’t be at my house, since it’s easier for me to go down there than gathering up the family to come up here. 

Of course, if I did host, I think the traditional meal would go by the wayside.  I’m not much for a lot of the Thanksgiving foods.  I remember one year at my grandmother’s where all I ate were mashed potatoes and oreos.  My favorite Thanksgiving involved a blizzard which prevented us from traveling out of town to the sister who was hosting that year, so my other sister and I went out for pizza.  That’s a tradition I’d like to start, but no one ever goes for it. 

The one good thing about not hearing about Thursday’s plans – if I haven’t been informed yet, I don’t have to bring anything.  I offered, but have yet to be told that they need dessert/bread/other easily transportable food item, so I consider myself well off the hook. 

Happy turkey day, one and all.  Blog ya later.


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