Late nights and deer sightings

So I’m back from my KS trip.  I nearly hit a deer Saturday night (he ran in front of me and the car going the other direction but made it across – it sort of seemed like my fave Atari game, Frogger).  That kept me alert for quite a while.  I spent time w/a friend of mine, we’ll call her “J”, Saturday evening and watched “In Good Company,” which was horribly mawkish and not that great.  We talked about her coming back here w/me for a visit, which did finally happen, but not quite as planned.  I had to wait for her to finish babysitting for three of another friend’s four children (she was there for 19 hours!!!!), so we didn’t even leave until 8:30 at night, getting home well after 1 a.m. (and in bed after 3).  Which is why I’m not working today.  🙂  There’s been tons o’ drama which I will not get into (it could probably fill a trilogy of novels), so I think the downtime will be good.  More updates later.


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